Historia o historii

A Story about Certain Histories

Galeria Labirynt | Plaza, 13 Lipowa Street (the Ofiar Katynia Street entrance)
Exhibition opening May 1st, 2017 (Friday), 5 p.m.
On until: May 28th, 2017 (Tue – Sun, 12 a.m. – 7 p.m.)
Free admission

Oleksandr Burlaka, Hubert Czerepok, Szuper Gallery, Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Volodymyr Kostyrko, Lada Nakonechna, Andriy Raczynskyi i Daniil Revkovskyi, Anastasiia Rudnieva, Natasha Shevchenko, Kostyantyn Smolyaninov, Ewa Zarzycka
Curator: Yaroslav Futymskyi

The exhibition was developed for the space of a closed museum of the history of a pulp and paper factory complex in Poninka (Ukraine). Was it the right place to discuss a history that was appropriated and then annihilated? The works of the artists participating in the exhibition which refer to the past have been placed among the exhibits documenting the history of the provincial town. The history that had been arrested; the museum, closed for a long time, relates a reality from many years before. The narrative itself is already quite archaic and belongs to the past.

Relocating the exhibition from the venue with a multi-layered  history to a neutral exhibition space, situated in a shopping centre, seems a risky experiment. Will a story, bereft of its historical context, not lose part of its meaning?