Zgrzyt MAPA

M. A. P. A. Mały Atlas Polskiej Animacji (Small Atlas of Polish Animation)

This time, the finger on a Polish animation ‘map’ will be placed on selected FUMI STUDIO productions.


The Ballad of Nameless Joe (Ballada o Bezimiennym Joe) / Mateusz Heldwein / 2011 / 13’28″
Billy Bob and Nameless Joe are guitarists who have been playing together for a long time. Nameless Joe has music in his soul, therefore it comes to him naturally like breathing. Simply, performing is in his nature. Billy Bob however would like something more. He dreams of becoming a rock star. In a desire for acclaim and fame Billy succumbs to temptation and strikes a deal with the devil…

The Constructor (Konstruktor) / Tessa Moult-Milewska / 2012 / 13’30″
The constructor is a loner, devoted to his work consisting in constructing twin copies of his clients. He forgets about the real world during his work until the very moment when he has neither more clients nor anyone to help. His laboratory seems to him cold and empty. In order to fool the loneliness he constructs a copy of himself, but what if it will become better than the original?

The Lumberjack (Drwal) / Paweł Dębski / 2011 / 14’47″
Father with a son live in a house on the edge of an enormous wood next to a majestic cliff. Their life passes peacefully, without worries, full of love and happiness. It all looks like an idyll. However, one day father arrives home completely changed. He begins to behave in a strange way…

The Rasp (Zgrzyt) / Michał Mróz / 2010 / 14’37″
Animation about a robot struggling to find his place in the society.

The Mystery of the Malakka Mountain (Tajemnica Góry Malakka) / Jakub Wroński / 2011 / 20’48″
A six-year old Junior is an extremely emotionally mature child. In the smoke of cigarettes he deliberates on the topics such as life, people and their problems. When his father (a famous pilot) crashes somewhere in China, Junior decides to set off on a journey to find out exactly what happened. ‘The Mystery of the Malakka Mountain’ is a drama in the convention of a magical realism with a criminal thread in the background inspired by Fernanda Botero’s painting.

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