Norbert Delman: Flame_props

Norbert Delman – Flame_props

Exhibition opening January 29th 2015 (Thursday), 7 p.m., Labirynt 2, 3 Grodzka Street
The exhibition will last until Feb12th 2015 (Tue – Sun, 12 a.m.-7 p.m. admission free)

The main goal of the artist is to create an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear of something invisible, incomprehensible and unknown. The exhibition is going to create a space for an encounter between two seemingly different and in fact very similar environments: the space of the Internet and a shared object – the small paddling pool area used before entering the swimming pool. In both of these spaces, the main focus is on the  hygiene, a certain laboratory sterility, which often goes to extremes, but without which, however, we are exposed to numerous invisible dangers. The performance on the opening day is going to put the audience into the atmosphere of fear.