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Performance Platform Lublin 2012

6 July 2012 – 8 July 2012



6 July 2012, the Labirynt Gallery, 5a Grodzka Street, 2nd floor


Paweł Kwaśniewski – performance
Aleksandra Kubiak – projection
meeting with PPL artists


7 July 2012, Litewski Square, 16:00

performances: Reza Afisina, Janusz Bałdyga, Marta Bosowska, Colm Clarke, Miho Iwata


8 July 2012, Litewski Square, 16:00

performances: Sandra Johnston, Afrizal Malna, Melati Suryodarmo, Valentin Torrens, Halim HD


Detailed up-to-date information on the programme will be published at the festival’s website:

Performance Platform Lublin 2012 – the artists:

Reza Afisina, Janusz Bałdyga, Marta Bosowska, Colm Clarke, Halim HD, Miho Iwata, Sandra Johnston, Paweł Kwaśniewski, Afrizal Malna, Melati Suryodarmo, Valentin Torrens

About festival:

Performance Platform Lublin Festival is a cyclic event organized by the Labirynt Gallery and Performance Arts Foundation (Fundacja Sztuki Performance). This edition is realized in collaboration with Padepokan Lemah Putih from Indonesia. Such a cooperation is a natural consequence of PPL organisers’ idea to establish a dialogue between the East and the West concerning art/culture. This year’s festival will take place in the city’s public space. Apart from Polish and Indonesian artists, creators from Ireland, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and Spain will participate in the event.

An extended theoretical part which takes a different form every year is a unique feature of Performance Platform Lublin Festival distinguishing it from other similar events. This time the festival will be preceded with a couple of days’ P_LAP Lublin 2012 Laboratory Performance – transferred to Lublin from Asia where it is held since 2008. It is a specific form of testing ground. It provokes participating artists to experiment in the field of performance art, to search for new solutions, trespass their own limits and to go beyond the borders. The festival’s aim is to establish a cooperation between artists as well as to enable exchange and common strive for intercultural agreement – to identify and work out cultural differences and, in consequence, break or at least understand them. Within the festival, artists meet also during performing lectures or realizations and artistic creations.

First edition of Performance Platform was organised in 2009 by Performance Art Centre (Ośrodek Sztuki Współczesnej). Various approaches of artists of middle and younger generations from Poland and Europe were then combined. In 2010 the Festival was held in the Labirynt Gallery. The artists from Black Market International, a famous, performing worldwide group of performance artists, were then invited. The programme of last year’s edition was elaborated on the basis of the idea of dialogue of culture/art between the East and the West as well as their mutual influence, inspirations and differences. This year’s edition is therefore the continuation of the process of establishing relations between Asian and European artists and creating the platform of dialogue between the East and the West, being the source of reflection on differences and similarities between artists – of various cultural roots – not only in their perception of art, but also their understanding of the world.

Free admission