Dominik Lejman

“Counterbalance” – Dominik Lejman

Dominik Lejman combines painting with video screenings. As a result, a mobile image oscillating between abstraction and figuration is created. As Łukasz Ronduda put it, the image “enables mutual interaction and exchange between the qualities related to painting, sculpture and cinematography (connected with video screenings).” The artist is also the author of video films, video-frescos as well as projects realised in public space in which the elements of urban architecture such as a building’s facade or pavement become the screen for the projection. Lejman’s creation alternates between existential and social issues related to the state of an individual and his place in the world.
Lejman is a keen observer of the reality, particularly interested in the surface and form. When discussing the weight and lightness as well as considering the concept of counterbalance, Lejman does not make any judgements. Instead, he postulates the “impracticality” of art viewed as “a tool that enables losing.” The artist demonstrates certain features, qualities and rules of functioning in the contemporary world. However, as he claims, he does not try “to sell his own truth to anyone”. According to Lejman, “(…) the role of a painter is not to take a stand, but to observe the reality. The whole critical aspect of this activity is created through the observation of the reality and not by deciding what is wrong and what is right.”
“Counterbalance” is the first exhibition from the series “This is not a film”.

Opening of the exhibition: 19 September 2013 (Thursday), 7 p.m.
Exhibition on display until 3 November 2013 (Tue-Sun, 12 a.m. – 7 p.m., admission free)