The Mental Health Noise Orchestra

The Mental Health Noise Orchestra | concert

The Mental Health Noise Orchestra is a project involving people with mental disabilities and health issues. As well as being community-based, it operates at the cutting-edge of contemporary sonic art, challenging public preconceptions concerning people with disabilities through demonstrating their potential for creativity and experimentation. Through workshops, the participants open their ears to the possibilities of sound and noise through listening whilst exploring an alternative to elitist traditions and the profit-driven music industry which pervade our notion of what music is or should be.

The project was conceived by the artist Ryo Ikeshiro (UK/Jp) who spent a few weeks working with people from the “Benjamin” Support Centre for People with Disabilities (Ośrodek Wsparcia dla Osób z Niepełnosprawnością “Benjamin”). Together, they present the world premiere of the Mental Health Noise Orchestra in Lublin. They hope that by attending the performance, the audience will also be encouraged to open their ears and minds.