Binnies Road West Catalyst Infrastructure Agreement

Orchard Property Group chief executive Brent Hailey said the agreement was essential to meet the region`s future housing needs. Approximately 8900 new housing units can be built in Ripley Valley, with the Palaszczuk government investing $20 million through its Catalyst infrastructure program to expand important local road networks. Mr Davey said binnies Road was one of those strategic roads and that their construction would benefit the people of Ipswich, because rural apartments, alternative access for existing and future residents in Deebing Heights and Ripley to relieve Ripley Rd, Queensland City Council, welcomed the Queensland government`s plans to build more roads in Ripley. The new roads will be funded by Queensland`s Catalyst Infrastructure Funding, which funds development and employment projects in the Community. Jennifer Howard, MP for Ipswicher, said the new roads and bridges would help create more jobs on the ground. „The agreement is essential for the development of 3,300 affordable housing units in one of Australia`s largest and largest urban growth areas. The government has provided an additional $7.1 million, resulting in more roads and bridges being built in the Ripley Valley Priority Development Area (PDA). „Our economy will be stronger as a result of this growth, and the infrastructure provided by this agreement will accelerate this growth process, which is great news for the city.” The Ripley Valley Priority Development Area (PDA) will receive significant road and bridge infrastructure, with the Queensland government overseeing the $7.1 million binnies Road West Catalyst Agreement infrastructure agreement. „The west end of this corridor could not have been opened without the infrastructure funds provided by EDQ,” Hailey said. The Queensland government has invested $20 million through its Catalyst Infrastructure Program (CIP) to build two new road networks that will provide road infrastructure for approximately 8,900 new properties in the Ripley Valley and provide additional affordable space in Ipswich. The Ripley Valley PDA covers 4680 hectares and is located about five kilometres southwest of the Ipswich CBD and south of the Cunningham Highway. „This funding will provide a significant infrastructure, too large for a single developer to provide, and that will be provided with public funds for the benefit of several developers and the community,” he said. „The Queensland government was an invaluable partner in ensuring that this new road could be built to reach otherwise closed building land,” he said.