Call for papers

East European Art seen from Global Perspective: Past and Present | Call for Papers

Lublin, Poland, October 24-27, 2014

Recent globalization provokes research not only on contemporary artistic regional identity and comparative art studies between present centers and peripheries, or different peripheries as well, but also – and maybe in particular – on the past. The conference, we are going to organize in Lublin, and would like to encourage you to take part, will deal with the above mentioned problems from any possible perspective: theoretical, historical, geographical, anthropological etc.

Thus, we expect that papers submitted to the conference dealing with both past and present will rise questions on the place of Central and East European art and culture on the global map through – among others – comparative analysis. It would apply to:

– the so called classical imperialism and colonialism and its different practices and forms, such as among others Baroque architecture and religious applied art;
– intercontinental spread of European avant-garde and Western model of art academy;
– neo-colonial cultural and political hegemony of super powers during the Cold War, as for example art understood in the framework of universal mythologies, both modernism and Socialist Realism;
– recent cultural practices after the fall of communism, including rebellious movements around the world facing global crises in economy and worldwide expectations to improve democracy based on social and international solidarity.

Key-note speaker: Professor Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann (Princeton University)

The conference will be organized by the Galeria Labirynt ( ), and financed mostly by the City of Lublin, which is known among others as the place when the Union between Lithuania and Poland was signed in 1569. We also expect the International Visegrad Foundation grant.

Conference partners: Institutes of Art History at Czech, Hungarian and Slovak Academy of Sciences, as well as Art History Department, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland.

Please send your proposal to Piotr Piotrowski ( ) by January 2014. Should you have any questions concerning conference organization please contact Waldemar Tatarczuk ( Detailed conference program will be distributed by the end of March 2014.

Piotr Piotrowski, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań
Waldemar Tatarczuk, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin