Abecadło kuratora

Curator’s alphabet. Workshops in the Labirynt Gallery

The course is intended for students of the humanities, social and art subjects as well as for everyone interested in the job of a curator. Classes will be conducted mainly in the form of workshops at which participants will put into practice knowledge acquired at meetings with lecturers and they will discover tools useful in a curator’s job.

Lectures will introduce the following topics:
contemporary institutions of art life
art criticism
exhibition practices
reception of a work of art
mechanisms of contemporary art market

Panels of practical courses:
curatorial workshops / run by experienced curators
educational workshops / during the classes students will learn how to prepare and conduct fascinating artistic courses for children and adolescents
communication and cultural marketing workshops / during the classes students will discover various tools and forms of popularisation of art
workshops in writing about art / run by art critics

Classes will be conducted at weekends from December to June in Labirynt Gallery’s seat. The exhibition in the Gallery prepared by workshops’ participants will conclude the project.

Enrolment: until 6 December 2013
Applications will be selected on the basis of a completed form.
Fee: PLN 490 (it is possible to pay in two instalments)

Please send the completed form at: abecadlokuratora@labirynt.com, or deliver it personally to Labirynt Gallery’s seat at 5 Popiełuszki Street, room no. 3