Kino Labirynt: Cuda, reż. Alice Rohrwacher

Alice Rohrwacher – The Wonders

The Wonders, dir. Alice Rohrwacher
cast: Alba Rohrwacher, Maria Alexandra Lungu, Sam Louwyck, Monica Bellucci
drama /Italy, Swizerland, Germany / 2015 / 111’

Gelsomina lives with her family far from civilization, in a secluded place deep in the Italian countryside. It was here that her parents, former members of the hippy commune, have moved to live close to nature and protect their children from “the end of the world”. The film is the the Grand Prix winner at Cannes. The jury members Jane Campion and Sophia Coppola were charmed beyond their wits and Nicolas Winding Refn moved to tears.

Film screenings: Feb 25th and 26th, 7 p.m. / tickets: PLN 8/10