Wykład Andrzeja Kapusty

Andrzej Kapusta – Madness and art: the limits of understanding

Research on the creation of psychiatric patients indicate that problems with dealing with life and communication difficulties lower the chances of success in the field of art. On the other hand, the relation between genius and madness has its long tradition. According to the author, of particular interest are concepts attributing the sources of creativity to a manic-depressive temperament and a mutual interspersing of the feeling of the maximum level of energy with existential sensitivity and a schizophrenic spectrum accompanied with an artistic alienation.

Andrzej Kapusta, PhD – Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Maria Curie-Skłodowska (UMCS); graduate of the Medical Academy in Lublin (1993), PhD in philosophy (UMCS, 1999); author of books: ‘Extreme Philosophy. On the Critical Thought of Michel Foucalt’ (UMCS, Lublin 2002) and ‘Madness and Method: the Limits of Understanding in Philosophy and Psychiatry’ (UMCS, Lublin 2010). Habilitation in: cognitivism and social communication. Scientific interests: theory of knowledge, anthropology, philosophy of medicine, psychiatry and psychology, bioethics.

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