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Architektura od Środka | prezentacja projektu Barbary Gryki

Barbara Gryka is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Since August 2018 she has been supervising the Architektura od Środka project. She has moved into the Juliusz Słowacki residential estate in the LSM district in Lublin, where she visits its residents and talks to them about life at the estate.

Since the beginning of the project, she has managed to visit 85 flats. Each visit is documented with two photos taken inside: in the first, the inhabitants portrait the artist with the part of the flat chosen by them in the background; in the second, she portraits them using the same background. The artist also makes a video-diary where she records her impressions of the conversations she has had and presents her drawings of the flat plans and the ways the flats are furnished. Barbara Gryka’s action within the Meet the Neighbours project has been inspired by Oskar Hansen’s theory of Open Form and Zofia Rydet’s Sociological Record photo series.

Meet the Neighbours project is a joint initiative of Galeria Labirynt and Quarantine (Manchester, UK), Comedié de Béthune (France), Grand Theatre (Groningen, the Netherlands) and 18, derb el ferrane (Marrakesh, Marocco).

The project is being developed with the financial aid of European Union, within the Creative Europe program.