"Art in Poland 1945-2005". Meet the author session with Anda Rottenberg

Meeting in connection with the reissue of Anda Rottenberg’s “Art in Poland 1945-2005” book (2020, published by STENTOR)


* - that is not what you are thinking of... | CreArt Local Seminar

The seminar is organized as part of the "CreArt. Network of Cities for Artistic Creation" project co-funded by the Creative Union program of the European Union.


Festiwal Kultury Bez Barier 2019

7. Warszawski Festiwal Kultury bez Barier


How to Deal with a Shotgun that Backfires: Art in the Era of Post-truth, Conspiracy Theories and Negationism | Conference

The conference is organized within the “CreArt. Network of cities for artistic creation” project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Model and metaphor. What can the picture do? – a meeting with Maja Starakiewicz and Jakub Woynarowski

How can visual messages complement, and sometimes even replace, the text?


Duck-rabbits against fascism. On the usefulness of art in hard times – lecture by Kuba Szreder

Can art be useful? What does it offer to people who are struggling with the challenges of modern times? Does it remain ‘only’ art, something that is to be exhibited and collected?

Noc Muzeów

Long Night of Museums

The programme includes Galeria Labirynt current exhibitions guided tours at night as well as other special events. We look forward to seeing you!

czarno-biała grafika, trzy strzałki w czarnym kole

Michał Kozłowski – On the uniqueness of fascism | lecture and discussion

How to understand fascism? Was it just an episode a long time ago or maybe it rises every era in a new form?


PS Poznaj Sztukę!/ LA Learn Art! (open call)

Galeria Labirynt welcomes everyone aged 16-19 to participate in the workshops.


Magda Lipska – Niepodległe: Women, Independence and National Discourse

The chosen works of the "Niepodległe: Women, Independence and National Discourse" exhibition and also archival material which is related to exposition will be presented.

slyder  robotnice

Jakub Depczyński, Bogna Stefańska, Aleksy Wójtowicz – Women workers against fascism | presentation

Presentation of selected examples of anti-fascism atlas in art and culture. The event is going to be translated into Polish sign language.

videonews 2018 slyder


The results of the VideoNews open call.


The State We Are In. Meeting with Sebastian Cichocki

The meeting is accompanying the exhibition "The State We Are In. Collection of Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw at Galeria Labirynt in Lublin".


The State We Are In. Meeting with Joanna Mytkowska

The meeting accompanies the exhibition "The State We Are In. Collection of Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw at Galeria Labirynt in Lublin".

swos slyder

Art Knowledge Classes (Studium Wiedzy o Sztuce) | recruitment continues until October 14th

Recruitment continues until October 14th. Classes are intended for students or anyone interested in the newest art.

tech 3

New technologies of data sharing | debate translated into Polish sign language

The Kultury Bez Barier Festival at Galeria Labirynt is going to open with a debate.


Romantism and its interpretations as a prelude to modernity | conference

Does Romanticism trigger modernity? Or maybe on the contrary, Romanticism, considering the historiosophical concepts of some outstanding representatives of this era, was the last attempt to oppose the wave of modernity?


Warsztaty dla nauczycieli i nauczycielek

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debata slyder

Użycie i nadużycie. Badacze wobec polityki historycznej | debata

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dotknij slyder

Dotknij tego, co widzę

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Lubelskie Forum Kultury

Lubelskie Forum Kultury / Lublin Forum for Culture

Lublin Forum for Culture – a local seminar organised by the Municipal Council within the project "CreArt (Network of Cities for Artistic Creation)".


culture slash democracy

A discussion with Artur Celiński, Anna Dąbrowska, Justyna Kieruzalska, Bogna Świątkowska, Krzysztof Żuk; conducted by Edwin Bendyk.

fot. Marcin Pietrusza

Spacer trasą rzeźb (LSM) | wydarzenie dostępne dla osób z niepełnosprawnościami słuchu/wzroku

Sorry, the text is not available in English.


Spacer po osiedlu im. J. Słowackiego

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O wolności w sztuce współczesnej | wykład tłumaczony na PJM

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Wolność w hidżabie? Kobiety, islam i islamofobia w Europie

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Watch Out! – take part in an educational course

Deadline for applications: 3rd April!


Panel discussion on the book by Łukasz Guzek "Rekonstrukcja sztuki akcji w Polsce" [Reconstruction of Action Art in Poland]

Łukasz Guzek, Tadeusz Mroczek, Magdalena Ujma, Waldemar Tatarczuk are taking part in the discussion.


Meeting and discussion on Beata Siemieniako’s book Reprywatyzując Polskę. Historia wielkiego przekrętu (Reprivatising Poland. Story of the great scam)

The book is an important voice in the debate on the phenomenon of reprivatisation, in socio-political and legal terms.


Meeting with Przemek Branas

He focuses on selected, sometimes seemingly trivial fragments of reality, which he subjects to a specific examination and observation, and then to a transformation into a process of artistic action and reinterpretation.


A debate on violence against women

The debate is to be held with the participation of psychologists, sociologists, representatives of women’s rights organisation.


Podziel się opinią!

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Workshop for educators

Deadline: November ,15th, 2017.

Studium Wiedzy o Sztuce

Study of Art Knowledge 2017/2018

Study of Art Knowledge is for anyone who seeks to gain better comprehension of modern art.

2017.07.28 Alexander Ugay, fot. Wojciech Pacewicz (5)

The Polish Minister of Culture’s Gaude Polonia Scholarship Programme / open call

Announcement about open call 2018.


Hello World – meeting with Michał R. Wiśniewski

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slyder konsodcjum2

1st Polish Convention of Consortium for Post-Artistic Practices

Consortium is an informal and interdisciplinary alliance of art people who use their imagination and artistic skills outside the art field.


Lubelski Kongres Kultury

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Lubelskie Dni Seniora: Jackson Pollock – malarstwo gestu | lecture

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Lublin, 21.04.2017 Galeria Labirynt - Uporczywe upodobanie. Wystawa zainspirowana pojęciem delectatio morosa zaczerpniętym ze średniowiecznej scholastyki i przeniesionym w kontekst polskiej sztuki współczesnej.
Wystawa zbiorowa - Mirosław Bałka, Wojciech Bąkowski, Monika Zadurska-Bielak, Tomasz Bielak, Olaf Brzeski, Barbara Formella, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Katarzyna Kozyra, Zuza Krajewska, Robert Kuśmirowski, Elżbieta Jabłońska, Diana Lelonek, Jacek Malinowski, Tomasz Mróz, Aleksandra Ska, Karolina Żyniewicz

Kuratorki: Paulina Kempisty, Aleksandra Skrabek

Fot. Wojciech Pacewicz

Pernicious Predilection

Sorry, the text is not available in English.

Beata Wilczek

Beata Wilczek – Everything Goes, Even More Stays | lecture-workshop

The event is an appendix to the exhibition 'All the Time at Work' (Galeria Labirynt | Plaza, 31.03-23.04.2017) discussing aspects of flexible production and extended activity.


Synergy – open call | the project of the Towot Squat Foundation

Synergy is the latest project of the Towot Squat Foundation. Both students and university graduates of arts and art history are invited to participate.

wrobel kama

Kama Wróbel – A Brief History of Video Art | a lecture

The video is currently one of more eagerly used media, also in the art world.

Forum Herstoryczne

I Ogólnopolskie Forum Herstoryczne

Sorry, the text is not avaliable in English.


Paweł Pieniążek: "Wojna, która nas zmieniła" | spotkanie autorskie

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dni lokatorskie

II Dni Lokatorskie w Lublinie

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open call slyder 2

Open call – Project Chernivtsi

We welcome students of art colleges to participate in the summer art project in Chernivtsi (Ukraine).

Sebastian Cichocki

Sebastian Cichocki – This Is Art. And Art Can be This or That | lecture, workshop

We will consider together what art can be used for and what Jerzy Ludwiński meant when in the 1970s he stated that we had overlooked the moment when art became something we can no longer name, but that it gives us completely new possibilities.

Alicja Bielawska, Jeśli nie tutaj, gdzie?

Meeting with Alicja Bielawska connected with promotion of the catalogue of the exhibition 'If not here, where?'

Invitation to the talk with the artist and catalogue's premiere.


Workshop for educators

Participants will learn the working methods of an educator, they will also find out how to prepare workshops and give group tours at an exhibition.

PS Poznaj sztukę!

PS Explore the Art!

Sorry, the text is not available in English.


Iron Jewed Angels – movie screening and discussion

Screening of a movie depicting a group of American suffragettes fighting for women's rights and discussion with Magdalena Długosz, Magdalena Łuczyn, Agnieszka Ziętek, Julita Juros.


Meeting with Karolina Breguła | 'Fire-Followers' screening

Come and see 'Fire-Followers' by Karolina Breguła and meet the artist.


Krytyka instytucjonalna wobec transformacji (Institutional Criticism versus Transformation)

The publication is the first attempt of a comprehensive study in the field of visual arts in Poland through the analysis of the relations between Polish art institutions and the art which comments on their formula – thus the institutional criticism in the period between 1985 and 2014.

LKK 2  slyder

Lublin Congress of Culture | meeting #1

Visit Galeria Labirynt and come to a meeting preparing the Lublin Congress of Culture.


Experiments on the Poor – meeting with Adam Leszczyński

On the dilemmas of contemporary aid in the context of Experiment on the Poor we will talk with Adam Leszczyński.

slyder videonews

Third edition of VideoNews – video art presentations by art school students

The project aims to present pieces of video art by young artists as well as to give them opportunity to confront their own research in the area of art with their peers from other universities.


5th Open Philosophy and Antropology Seminar: Antropology of Experience and Mental Health

The main subject of the conference are the concepts of experience, understanding, emotions and the perspective close to experience.


Global Justice Night

Global Justice Begins at Local Gatherings!

Warsztaty dla nauczycieli

Workshops for teachers

The course is aimed at familiarising teachers with usefull methods of conducting worshops for pre-school and school pupils.

warsztaty dla edukatorów

Take part in a workshop for educators!

Participants will learn the working methods of an educator.

Nabór wolontariuszy


If you crave for an adventure with art and new challenges and at the same time you are keen to look behind the scenes of an art gallery, become a volunteer at Galeria Labirynt!


Zuzana Štefková – My Extended Family. Mothers, Fathers, Children, Foetuses, Prams, and other Nonhuman Actants in Art Dealing With Parenting | lecture

The research informing this lecture is supported by grant from COST IS1307 network and endorsed by Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation.

konferencja naukowa


The conference concerns the relations between music and visual arts and architecture.


DE – MO – CRA – CY | exhibition and debate

We have found ourselves in a situation in which it is necessary to underscore once again the meaning and validity of such values as democracy, liberty, equality, openness.

Sztuka w naszym wieku

A meeting on the "Sztuka w naszym wieku" book

Does art have to be pretty? How to spot the difference between art and something that only pretends to be it? Do artists make their living from art and where do the process of works of art come from?

warsztaty nau

Workshops for Teachers

Workshop on the educational exhibition 'A Rebours'.

Konteksty sztuki

Paweł Brożyński – Mnemosyne Atlas. Between the religious and mathematical

A lecture of the 'Art Contexts' cycles.


Meeting with Aneta Szyłak

The reason for the meeting is a book containing the legendary essay by Brian O’Doherty 'Inside the White Cube. The Ideology of the Gallery Space'.

Konteksty sztuki

Patrycja Sikora – Institutional Critique in Poland between 2000 and 2010

A lecture within the Contexts of Art series.

Konteksty sztuki

Ryszard Kasperowicz – Language of Art – Dilemmas of Aesthetics | a lecture

A lecture within the 'Contexts of Art' series .

III OSF-P: "Diagnozy Współczesności"

3rd Open Seminar of Philosophy and Psychiatry: "Diagnosis of Modernity"

The seminar is aimed, among others, at recognizing the social and cultural determinants of mental health.


Meeting with group R.E.P.

The excuse for the meeting is the latest publication issued by The Green Box, dedicated to the artistic activities of the group.

Studium Wiedzy o Sztuce

Study of Art Knowledge 2015/2016

Proposition for anyone who seeks to gain better comprehension of modern art.

Sztuka i filozofia: Andrzej Leder — Źródła myśli krytycznej - marksizm, psychoanaliza, poststrukturalizm

Andrzej Leder — The Sources of the Critical Thought - Marxism, psychoanalysis, poststructuralism

The lecture belongs to the „Art and Philosophy” series.

Wordstruck: American Artists as Readers, Writers and Literati

Wordstruck: American Artists as Readers, Writers and Literati

The Department of American Studies at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University will host the conference, scheduled to take place May 13-16, 2015.

Józef Robakowski - Sztuka to potęga

Art Won’t Bite You


Tadeusz Kobierzycki - O jaźni twórczej: Henryk Elzenberg (1887-1967) i Kazimierz Dąbrowski (1902-1980)

Tadeusz Kobierzycki - On the Creative Self: Henryk Elzenberg (1887-1967) and Kazimierz Dąbrowski (1902-1980)

The lecture belongs to the „Art and Philosophy” series.

Zofia Rosińska - Artysta poza sztuką

Zofia Rosińska - An artist beyond the art

The lecture belongs to the „Art and Philosophy” series.

Międzynarodowa konferencja naukowa East European Art seen from Global Perspectives: Past and Present

East European Art seen from Global Perspectives: Past and Present

The conference aims to examine the problems specific to Central and Eastern European art, both past and present, as seen in the global perspective.


Yunnia Yang - The Development of Contemporary Art in Taiwan

Yunnia Yang will give the lecture.

Ryszard Kasperowicz Kartezjusz i sztuki "piękne"

Ryszard Kasperowicz – Descartes and ‘Fine’ Arts

Lecture from the series 'Art and Philosophy'.


Natalia Kaliś – Power relations in a masochistic performance

Masochism is a common motif but simultaneously the least acceptable by the audience in performance art.

Wykład Andrzeja Kapusty

Andrzej Kapusta – Madness and art: the limits of understanding

The lecture from the series 'Art and philosophy'.

Noc Muzeów w Lublinie

The Night of Museums and Galleries

Discussion with artists, screening of the films, tours around the exhibitions.

Sztuka i filozofia_Theodor_Adorno

Rafał Czekaj - Theodor W. Adorno and Aesthetics as a Critical Theory

Lecture from the series 'Art and philosophy'.

Sztuka i filozofia wykład Agnieszki Ziętek dotyczący spisku sztuki i transestetyzacji według Jeana Baudrillarda

Transaesthetization and the conspiracy of art according to Jean Baudrillard - Agnieszka Ziętek

The new series of lectures ‘Art and philosophy’.

Technika wideo nieprzerwanie od lat 60. XX wieku jest medium coraz powszechniej stosowanym przez artystów sztuk wizualnych i stanowi niegasnące źródło inspiracji dla twórców każdej kolejnej dekady. Artyści testują możliwości przekazu związane z użyciem kamery, manipulują obrazem i dźwiękiem, każdorazowo wykorzystując projekcje w indywidualny sposób. Różnice w posługiwaniu się tym medium zaczynają się na poziomie wyboru sprzętu, poprzez metodę filmowania i montaż, po wybór miejsca i sposobu prezentacji pracy. Możliwości, jakie daje wykorzystanie w sztuce współczesnej techniki wideo, wciąż się poszerzają. Celem konferencji jest próba ujęcia różnorodności zastosowań wideo w sztuce oraz poddanie refleksji potencjału artystycznego tego medium.

The conference: "Video in visual art"

The aim of the conference is to capture the variety of video applications in art as well as to examine artistic potential of this medium.

Współczesne malarstwo

Art club: painting complexes and frustrations

We invite you for a discussion with artists – Sławomir Toman, Piotr Korol, Jakub Ciężki and Tomasz Bielak.

Zin Magazyn Kulturalny

Transmission. on-line / off-line + Z/N Magazine – paper version!

At the meeting there will take place the premiere of the paper version of Z/N as well as a discussion on analogous and digital forms of presentation of the play.

Anna Baumgart na otwarciu wystawy w Labiryncie

Discussion with Anna Baumgart

Anna Baumgart’s exhibition ‘I don’t remember, I imagine’ (‘Nie pamiętam, wyobrażam sobie’) will be the topic of the discussion.

Kto uszył Twój dress?

Who made your dress?

The project entitled ‘Who made your dress?’ is devoted to so-called responsible fashion related to both social and ecological issues.

Call for papers

East European Art seen from Global Perspective: Past and Present | Call for Papers

We expect that papers submitted to the conference dealing with both past and present will rise questions on the place of Central and East European art and culture on the global map through – among others – comparative analysis.

Ślady Franczak

Discussions with artists: Magdalena Franczak

The meeting with Magdalena Franczak will be devoted to her latest project ‘The ice palace'.


Paradoxes of availability - Paweł Brożyński

Lecture accompanying the exhibition of K. Wodiczko ‘The art of public domain’

student w mieście

Student in the city. Culture and education

Programme: conference, panel discussion, workshops for students.

Marcin Pastwa

On the anthropology of image - Marcin Pastwa

The lecture will be an attempt to explain the interdisciplinary concept of image in a project. Its methodological contours have been sketched by Hans Belting who placed his project in the dialogue between the history of art and other sciences related to the image.

Konferencja naukowa

The symposium Citation-repetition-appropriation

Copying, “falsifying”, appropriation and using other artists’ works, citing or transforming paintings are artistic methods that have been known for centuries.This topic seems to be up-to-date even today.

Zygmunt Rytka, Obiekty chwilowe, 20x30 (1)

The Art Club: Photography as art

Open meetings at which issues related to art are discussed. The next meeting will be inspired by the photo exhibition “Photo-Collections”.

Klub sztuki beuys

The Art Club

Engaged art reaching beyond artistic purposes will be the topic of Club’s next meeting. Should art support a particular ideology or react to changes in socio-political reality?