Asia Live! Performance art from Singapore

27.05 (Monday), 11 a.m – lecture on the art of performance in Singapore | Wydział Artystyczny UMCS
28.05 (Tuesday), 2 p.m – meeting with artists about the art of performance in Singapore | Galeria Labirynt
29.05.2019 (Wednesday), 6 p.m – performance show | Galeria Labirynt

Meeting with artists translated into Polish and into Polish Sign Language
Admission free

Asia Live! is a cycle presenting performance art from Asia. This year, meeting is devoted to the work of artists from Singapore – the centre of performance art in south-west Asia. The programme was created in cooperation with Jason Lim, an artist who has been curator of ‘Future of Imagination’ festival for several years. The event will feature such artists as: Justin Lee, Nicole Phua and Ezzam Rahman. The program includes performance shows and lectures on the art of performance in Singapore.


Justin Lee (born 1963, Singapore)
Artist and designer. He was handpicked as one of STPI’s first interns to work with artists such as Frank Stella and Donald Sultan. His work is characteristic because of the sense of contemporary design combined with the Singaporean tradition – he combines Asian culture with the popular one. The performer believes that art plays an important part in helping people in their development, noticing their role, and building their self-consciousness. His works also reflect on words and images from mass media including billboards and consumer products that control our thoughts and expressions.

Nicole Phua (born 1997, Singapore)
Visual artist who works primarily in performance art and installation. In her work, she explores the topic of traveling towards spiritual enlightenment, touching up issues related to life and death – they are polarities of the same energy, complementary to one another. During performances, the artist uses everyday objects with symbolic shapes, extending the range of their meanings. Her actions are related to religion, culture, and spirituality. She is the founder of therightbelief, a platform that enables young artists to present their works. She currently works as an art teacher at Art Village in Singapore.

Ezzam Rahman (born 1981, Singapore)
Visual artist who works primarily in performance art and installation. The artist participated in numerous exhibitions and artistic events. He has organised and co-curated many local and international group exhibitions, events, and festivals. In his work, he explores the subject of body and basic human emotions and is also known for the use of easily accessible and unconventional materials for the production of his works. Through his pieces, the artist presents narratives that challenge and broaden the concept of identity politics as well as the inherent paradoxes of presence and marginalisation. Most of his works are time-based ephemerides that aim to spark reflection on impermanence, trace, and rejection.



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