Gaba Kulka w Galerii Labirynt

Baaba ft. Gaba Kulka & M.Bunio.S

19 January 2013 (Saturday), 7 p.m., ks. J. Popiełuszki 5 Street, tickets 20 zl/25zl*

Workshops of Culture (Warsztaty Kultury) and the Labirynt Gallery (Galeria Labirynt) invite to a jointly organised ‘welcome and farewell concert’.

Workshops of Culture and the Labirynt Gallery invite to a concert of Baaba ft. Gaba Kulka & M.Bunio.S. The event puts a symbolic end to a certain stage in the history of Lublin’s culture and to the building at Popiełuszki 5 St. It also marks a new beginning for both institutions and constitutes a starting point for fresh cultural initiatives. Since January, Workshops of Culture and the Labirynt Gallery swap their locations. Workshops of Culture move to the building at 5a Grodzka St, until now Labirynt Gallery’s seat. Simultaneously, the Labirynt Gallery will now be located at Popiełuszki 5 St, the former seat of the Workshops of Culture.

The Baaba ft. Gaba Kulka & M.Bunio.S project has until recently been associated by its fans and the Internet audience first and foremost with Piastelsi song. This was due to a remarkable performance of one of the songs of the Dzikusy band. However, artists’ great comeback to the music of the 1960s and 1970s has not ended with this composition. Baaba band together with Gaba Kulka and Mr Bunio (Dick 4 Dick) prepared a special programme consisting of slightly forgotten Polish songs from the crazy era of the Beat music, some film scores and immortal hits of Baaba and Iron Maiden.

The artists played at “Niewinni Czarodzieje” festival in Warsaw. They covered themselves in glory after successfully performing such songs as “Metalowcy” of the Porum group or “Piastelsi” of the Dzikusy band.

During live performances Gaba Kulka and M.Bunio.S enchant the audience with their voices and stage charisma and Baaba gladly presents its musical artistry.

The concert in Lublin will take place right after the artists’ leaving the recording studio. This extraordinary material was recorded in the analogue studio named after Adam Mickiewicz under the watchful eye of Maciek Cieślik. The material will be up for sale any moment now.


Gaba Kulka – vocals, organ

M.Bunio.S – vocals

Piotr Zabrodzki – bass, vocals, organ

Bartosz Weber – guitar

Macio Moretti – drums

Tomasz Duda – tenor saxophone, Western concert flute, organ, tambourine, vocals


* Tickets on sale at Labirynt Gallery’s new seat at ks. J. Popiełuszki 5 Street

20 zl – pre-sale from 8 to 18 January, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

25 zl – sale on the concert’s day from 5 p.m.