Beata Wilczek

Beata Wilczek – Everything Goes, Even More Stays | lecture-workshop

Free admission

Issues related to production, consumption and global threats seen from a personal perspective become the focus of the work by Beata Wilczek. As a memento of disappearing raw material a cotton flower appears in the installation. Through the use of collage-type fabric and found footage the artist tries to reveal the mechanism of disappearance, translating the sense of imminent danger and aura of catastrophe into precarious fashion and art. In the era of proliferating proactivity every gesture and object can be found in the vast archive – the Internet. Paradoxically, when the network swells from the ever increasing number of posts, the world around us begins to shrink. Following reports about the effects of climate change, lack of water, disappearing species of plants and animals we circulate in the sense of threat of losing what seems obvious. The artist is interested in the insatiable appetite of global and ever growing middle class, whose uniform desires drive the system of expansive production. With online stores that support nearly every latitude, we can order practically everything whenever we feel like it. In case of dissatisfaction we have 28 days to return the goods. What is the sense of danger under the conditions of overproduction? Is compulsive work and hasty consumerism a response to an uncertain reality?

Beata Wilczek is an artist, currently living and working in Berlin, analysing the relationships between fashion and art. She lectures design and fashion theories at the ESMOD in Berlin and the School of Form in Poznan. During the lecture, she will take on the narratives and desires carried by the products, as well as the development of symbolic values. Wilczek will present her recent work and research on ’emotional sustainability’.

The event is an appendix to the exhibition ‘All the Time at Work‘ (Galeria Labirynt | Plaza, 31.03-23.04.2017) discussing aspects of flexible production and extended activity.