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Activities on Freedom – workshop in Ukrainian at ZOOM

97465534_902757523573888_1399287335580860416_oActivities on Freedom in Ukrainian begins on Saturday, May 30th at 12:00 p.m.

During the workshop, children are going to be transferred to sense-stimulating world full of fragrant and colourfully shimmering pulps that are based on food products and other materials stimulating the senses.

This time, we would like to invite you to have fun with textures and smells at homes. We are going to use the supplies gathered in our homes and together try to create floating paintings. The inspiration for workshop is going to be selected works of contemporary art, which we are going to talk about at the beginning of the meeting. We would like to invite children of all ages, even older ones!


The workshop is going to be carried out online in the form of video conference on the Zoom platform. Please note that registration is compulsory – you can do it via email at edu@labirynt.com or in a private message on the Edu Labirynt Facebook fanpage (please provide full name and age of the child; in the subject of the email please type date and name of the workshop). We are going to reply with information about how to join the classes and a link to the meeting. You can register in Ukrainian.

How should I prepare for the workshop? First of all, you need to gather all the necessary products and equipment. Caution! One can get really dirty here! Please protect the surface of the table or floor on which children are going to work.

Needed equipment:
– newspapers / foil / oilcloth for protecting table
– a few tablespoons
– several bowls or soup plates
– kitchen tray or large tin (or a large plate)
– several glasses or cups

Food products:
– about 1 kg of potato starch,
– several cups of water (can be tap water)
– food colouring powder or colourful spices (turmeric, sweet pepper, cinnamon), also beet juice, berries, spinach
– food flavourings (optional)
– grains – various, depending on what you have at home: rice, cereal, poppy seeds, lentils


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Leading: Krystyna Mielnicka

Realisation: Karol Jakóbczyk