Guided tour of “Three Plagues” exhibition led by Daniel Kotowski in Polish sign language (PJM)

“Three Plagues” exhibition derive title from “Imperium” – a book by Ryszard Kapuściński published in 1993. In the book the author warns: “Three plagues, three contagions, threaten the world. The first is the plague of nationalism. The second is the plague of racism. The third is the plague of religious fundamentalism. All three share one trait, a common denominator – an aggressive, all-powerful, total irrationality”. A dangerous scenario, which the Polish reporter warned against, is slowly becoming reality in the field of politics. These phenomena are intensifying, to a greater or lesser extent, not only in Poland and Europe but also in many other places in the world. Concepts such as nation, race, religion are increasingly used by populist and neo-fascist organisations. They are not just slogans anymore, they are becoming the foundation of programs of political parties whose aim is to spread fear and hatred.
Event translated from Polish sign language (PJM) into Polish phonic language.
Admission free
Daniel Kotowski – graduate of Faculty of Interior Design of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (specialization: art of exhibiting) and Faculty of New Media Art (degree course: interior design, specialization: art of exhibiting) of Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw (2016). He deals with artistic activities. He is interested in the issue of bio power, interpersonal communication, and art of exhibiting. At Zachęta – National Gallery of Art, he runs “Zachęta miga!” series of meetings.

The event is organised as part of the 7th edition of Festiwal Kultury Bez Barier (Festival of Culture Without Barriers).