Daniel Malone – Three Disassemblages as Tatics for Living (Presented as a Performance Outside of Domestic Space)

In the space of the All the Time at Work exhibition, an on-site activity is to be performed live by Daniel Malone, one of the artists participating in the project. The event is going to take place on Saturday, April 1st, 4 p.m. at Galeria Labirynt/Plaza (13 Lipowa Street).

free admission

Since 2008 Daniel Malone has created a vast series of works that are both collected artefacts and reference sketches, reflecting on his observance of using the domestic realm as a studio space. One series of these ‘disassemblages’, as the artist calls them, uses coffee oil from his morning espresso as a pigment. The artist uses materials found in his direct environment, depicting traces and fingerprints made on the surface of used A4 paper sheets to create a unique collection of almost subconsciously diaristic, organic and bodily meditation. These are then laminated and presented in the form of an exhibition object to be installed.