Deaf Art | Continuation

Meeting is going to be an opportunity to expand information on Deaf Art. The event is going to be carried out in Polish sign language (PJM) and translated into Polish phonic language.
What do hands say? During the workshop we are going to answer this question together and talk about Deaf Art. As a part of the meeting Justyna Kieruzalska is going to present works of Deaf Artists who work with sculpture. Participants of workshop are going to be introduced to the world of sign language and sign in Polish sign language selected words related to art. The workshop is also going to be a starting point to talk about the fact that many interesting messages can be conveyed and read using signs.
Translation from Polish sign language (PJM) into Polish phonic language: Ewelina Lachowska

Admission free

The event is organised as part of the 7th edition of Festiwal Kultury Bez Barier (Festival of Culture Without Barriers).