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Dotknij tego, co widzę. Fotografia sensoryczna | Spotkanie z grupą The Ignorant Schoolmaster

Tactile photography – photography executed by the visually impaired is still an obscure subject in Poland. The Ignorant Schoolmaster group has decided to hold a series of experimental photo workshops for the visually impaired and research the opportunities for cooperation and exchange of experiences between its recipients.

The half-year long series was attended by both adolescents and adults who cooperated with Lublin-based photographers. The subjects developed during the meetings were: reading typhlographic (tactile) materials using transfograph, basics of composition, working with a photo camera. The photos made by the visually impaired participants were transferred onto tactile materials thanks to which it was possible for the participants to experience the effects of their own work and consciously impact the form of the works to come. Photographs and teaching aids executed during the workshops can be seen at the Touch What I See exhibition at Galeria Labirynt until December 14th, 2018.

During the meeting, the organisers are going to talk about the workshops and present the book resulting from the project, containing a set of methods developed during the workshops.

Marina Khrypun and Valerie Karpan are going to talk about a similar action which they have conducted simultaneously in Kiev in cooperation with the Cultural Geographies Foundation.

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