Touch what I see | summary of sensory photography project

Galeria Labirynt, 5 Popiełuszki Street
until December 14th, 2018 (Tuesday – Sunday, 12 p.m. – 7 p.m.)
free entry

Touch What I See is an exhibition which summarises the Touch What I See project based on a half-year long series of experimental workshops, which were conducted by Lublin-based photographers for visually impaired adults and youth. Participants paired up with photographers created photos and developed their skills in using tactile media in order to gain a better understanding of visual language. During these meetings skills and experiences of sensitivities were exchanged, but most importantly various types of perception were able to come face to face with each other.

The idea to create a laboratory of such type was born during a visit to the Miasto, którego nie widać /The City That Can’t Be Seen exhibition (curated by Magdalena Szubielska and Rafał Lis; Galeria Labirynt, 2018), where among the works executed by the visually impaired, photographs were also presented. We have noticed that the technique in which a photo is printed on a flat surface does not allow visually impaired authors to see the results of their own work. This was an impulse to discuss and then explore additional ways to experience photography through tactile sensations. Numerous workshop meetings were conducted, during which participants learned about the basics of a photo camera use and rules of composition; most importantly, however, they took by themselves photos of everyday objects, geometrical forms, people and urban space. The photos executed by the workshops’ participants were transferred onto tactile laminating film, thanks to which the participants with visual impairments were able to consciously work on developing their skills of creating photos.

The exhibition presents the documentation of the course of the project and the photos and tactile media works executed by the participants of the workshops. Visitors are able to see and touch also selected educational materials which were used during the workshops: tactile postcards, sensory boxes, transfograph and tactile graphics.

Participants: Dominika Czuj, Kamil Kaczyński, Izabela Miazga, Michał Skorowki, Dominik Szurgot, Weronika Świszcz, Izabela Wydra, Agata Ziobrowska and Pupils of Special Needs School and Education Centre in Lublin, Piotr and Agata

Photographers: Aneta Fabijańska, Ewa Mickiewicz-Kwiecińska, Wojciech Radzki, Aleksandra Ratyńska, Izabela Żarska

Consultations: Professor Bogusław Marek, Marcin Matys, Magdalena Szubielska Ph. D.
Translations: Juliia Bashmat, Krystian Kamiński
Cooperation: Aneta Bąk, Robert Gromaszek, Danuta Kaczorowska, Emilia Lipa, Rafał Lis, Dorota Zalewska, Magda Zaworska

Workshops and project coordination:
The Ignorant Schoolmaster group – Valerie Karpan, Marina Khrypun, Agata Sztorc

In partnership with: Galeria Labirynt, KUL CAN Centre for Inclusion of Students with Special Needs, Centre for Adaptation of Educational Materials for Students with a Visual Impairment KUL, the Dormitory at Professor Zofia Sękowska Special Needs School and Education Centre for Children and Youth at Wyścigowa Street in Lublin, Cultural Geographies Foundation in Kyiv

Project website

The project is financed from Lublin City Funds within the ‘Dzielnice Kultury’ program as a part of the Lublin series of celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence ‘Lublin 1918-2018. Inspired by Freedom’ (‘Lublin 1918-2018. Inspiruje nas wolność’).

Operator: Workshops of Culture in Lublin

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