FILMY AKCJI | Sławomir Marzec

A screening of 6-minute long videos recording selected actions by Sławomir Marzec.

Sławomir Marzec (Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw), born in 1962 in Lublin, is a visual artist active in the fields of painting, drawing, installation, computer graphics, photography and film. He is an author of the concepts of depragmatisation and deliberative image. He is an author of numerous publications on the subject of art theory and criticism for Polish and international journals and also three books: Sztuka, czyli wszystko. Krajobraz po postmodernizmie (Art i.e. Everything. Landscape after Postmodernism), Wszystko, czyli obraz i obrazy (Everything i.e. Image and Paintings), Sztuka polska 1993-2014. Arthome versus artworld (Polish Art 1993 – 2014. Arthome versus artworld). He has participated in many conferences, symposiums and panel discussions.