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Jakub Depczyński, Bogna Stefańska, Aleksy Wójtowicz – Women workers against fascism | presentation

Note: presentation is not going to be translated into English.

In art of the 20th century it is difficult to find a person or a group of people who devote their artistic activity to fight with fascism and war. One rarely mentioned about artists who create art “against war and fascism.” If at all, one smiles ironically or shrugs one’s shoulders when talks about it. However, when looking at the problem, it is clear that anti-fascism and being in opposition to war have a long and extremely interesting tradition in art. When discussing selected examples of anti-fascism atlas in art and culture, which we create, we will try to sketch out the history from extremely intense activity of anti-fascism and anti-war art groups in interwar Europe and the USA; to anti-fascism and anti-war propaganda developed during World War II; American anti-war art in Vietnam, characterised by conflicts, in 1960s and 1970s; and to artists who dream of art and search for peace for European conceptual artists after their struggle with the Cold War and nuclear threat.

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