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Calendar – Agata Borowa

‘The idea for the calendar workshops from the series – around the table – is based on an observation that a table is something that favours cooperation and common work – manual and often monotonous such as sewing, making dumplings but also drawing, painting, writing. Those who gather around the table involved in a common work often spin tales from the past or talk about their dreams. Table is also a proper place to discuss the matter of passing time. I would like these workshops to be an occasion to discuss time in general, to think about the last and the next year as well as to confront ourselves with the matter of passing. The skills of binding books that workshops’ participants will acquire as well as the very job of a bookbinder are nowadays less and less common. It cannot be denied that ordinary paper calendars may soon be replaced with the virtual ones such as these in our computers and mobile phones. The workshops will be therefore a meeting with the past but in the context of the coming year 2014. A common calendar that will be the result of the workshops will be an object, a work of art that will function in the space of our gallery throughout the whole next year. The calendar may lack few days, it may also have some mistakes – all this will only make it more unique and full of surprises.’ – Agata Borowa

Workshops are intended for adults and teenagers (above 15 years). Participation is free. Gallery provides all the materials needed. In order to enrol for the classes please send an e-mail at:

Project realised within the ‘Districts of Culture – Culture Development Plan for the Districts of Lublin’ by the Workshops of Culture in cooperation with the Labirynt Gallery

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