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Kama Wróbel – A Brief History of Video Art | a lecture

The video is currently one of more eagerly used media, also in the art world. The widespread technology and ease of access to digital tools have greatly influenced the current shape of contemporary art and the popularity of video among artists of both young and older generation. But it was not always the case. Seven years ago, video art was not so common in Poland, and its history was full of gaps and understatements. What does video art actually mean? Surely its origins lie in the necessity to describe the tools and the processes annexing new technologies and video to artistic activities, but also, in 1976 Józef Robakowski noticed that the aspects of video art had been identified by the artists themselves, and the methodological features of video art were: ‘Records documenting artistic events, direct recordings of own mentality, attempts at broadening technical capabilities, and investigating the structure of television … .’ You will find out much more at the meeting on May 30th, in Galeria Labirynt on the lecture by Kama Wróbel.