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PLACE | Studio of Magdalena and Ludomir Franczak

(Polski) Pracownia artystyczna na Balladyny 16 | LSM


OSA - The Open Anti-fascist Studio

OSA is a travelling exhibition, a meeting point and a platform for sharing thoughts and feelings, a place where anti-war and anti-fascist texts, images, drawings, photos and songs are displayed and circulated.


Meet the Neighbours

Meet the Neighbours project will take place in the residential district of Lubelska Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa (LSM) in Lublin


Festiwal Kultury Bez Barier 2019

7. Warszawski Festiwal Kultury bez Barier


Open Labirynt

Guided tours of exhibition for people with disabilities


Deaf Art | Continuation

Workshops and lecture for adults about art of the Deaf in Polish sign language (PJM)


Guided tour of “Three Plagues” exhibition led by Daniel Kotowski in Polish sign language (PJM)

The event is organised as part of the 7th edition of Festiwal Kultury Bez Barier (Festival of Culture Without Barriers).