#marzecwlabiryncie competition

Join our competition which starts March 1st and finished March 31st, 2017. Visit Galeria Labirynt and take a photo presenting one of the exhibitions.

  1. Post the photo (e.g. a selfie) on your Instagram or Facebook profile (it should have the public status)
  2. Add the competition hashtag #marzecwlabiryncie
  3. Tag the photo @galerialabirynt
  4. Follow Galeria Labirynt’s profile

We will award:
➔ six most visually attractive photos
➔ three  most-liked photos

The prizes are: the catalogue accompanying Alicja Bielawska’s exhibition If Not Here, Then Where? and selected books published by Galeria Labirynt.

Each participant may post any number of competition photos until March 31st. Competition results: April 10th.