Shapes, forms and colours

We would like to thank you for registering and inform you that the list of participants of the workshop is closed.

Sensory workshop for 0-2-year-olds.

New series of workshops are aimed at the youngest children. The first workshop is dedicated to exploring works of art with the senses. We are going to play with colourful fluids and scented playdough which we will also make ourselves with food products. We are going to explore them with noses, hands and feet. Be careful! You might get messy!

Registration: 81 466 59 20 extension 32, edu@labirynt.com. The entrance fee is PLN 1 per person. Caretakers of the participants are entitled to free tickets. Galeria Labirynt provides all the necessary materials. Please inform us if your child has an allergy to any food product. The workshop lasts about 60 minutes.