Who raises a hand to Poland?

Meeting led by Magdalena Łuczyn.

Right-wing journalism often proves that left-wing and liberal media are raising the hand on the Catholic church in Poland. Is it possible to be completely different? Maybe the church raises the hand on democracy as well as on the rights of minorities and the most vulnerable in our country?

Artur Nowak – lawyer, one of the characters in Tomasz Sekielski’s film Tell no one. Part of the film’s plot is based on a journalist book Żeby nie było zgorszenia. Ofiary mają głos  written by Artur Nowak and Małgorzata Szewczyk-Nowak.

Agata Diduszko-Zyglewska – social and cultural activist, journalist, publicist, Warsaw councillor. Co-author of such publications as: map of church paedophilia in Poland, report on hiding paedophilia in church by Polish bishops, Warsaw’s cultural policy, and Szwecja czyta. Polska czyta book from 2015. The creator of Przy Kawie o Sprawie, a satirical feminist programme.  She has just published Krucjata polska book on relations between the state and the church.