Letter of support of culture and art communities for striking demands of Polish teachers

Culture and art supportive to teachers!

We, the undersigned, art and culture people as well as artists, express our support for teacher trade unions demanding pay rise.

Expressing our full support for the teachers strike, we demand the Polish government to cease disregard for the strikers and fulfil their demands. We fully understand this professional group, that is responsible for education as well as for shaping civic attitudes, moreover, we identify with its members. The way the Polish government treats the strikers – ignoring and marginalising, fuelling the atmosphere of dislike and contempt – is scandalous and truly unacceptable in a country that declares attachment to social policy with special support of family values. We see the lack of understanding of the struggle for the rights of teachers as well as hindering their work by postponing honest discussions as calculated and unacceptable. That is why we want to emphasise the matter one more time: we demand serious treatment of Polish teachers.

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