Classes are inspired by interesting, carefully designed and original books for children. Workshop participants have an opportunity to find out that a book can be great starting point for creative tasks. As part of the meeting, we read a book together, and then children together with adults make their own art works inspired by the presented themes.

In September, we invite you to a workshop conducted by Monika Trypuz based on her own book “Jeżozwierze” (Porcupines). The plot of the book is inspired with philosophical fairy tale by Artur Schopenhauer.
The book tells the story about relationships between people on the example of porcupines. It’s winter and the porcupines cuddle to each other wanting to warm up. Unfortunately, they quickly experience pain due to spines sticking into their bodies. How do you find a distance between each other without hurting each other?

History is going to be the basis for a lively discussion of children about how to live in a group and how to keep their safe space. We are going to talk about the meaning of terms such as tolerance, assertiveness, and privacy.

Finally, we are going to stage a spontaneous drama theatre, in which children wearing masks and spines of their own design are going to play porcupine characters and scenes from a fairy tale. Through empirical experience children are going to learn to understand crossing one’s safe space (sticking of spines), ultimately finding the optimal solution for them – a convenient distance between each other (not too far and not too close).

Monika Trypuz – graphic designer and illustrator, author of picture books for children; she leads “Dedek czyta!” series of workshops for children of her own idea at DDK Czuby Południowe community centre; she is a mother of seven-year-old Marysia.

Registration: 81 466 59 20 int. 32, Entrance ticket: PLN 1 per child; parents and caretakers of children participating in the classes are entitled to free tickets, Galeria Labirynt provides the necessary materials. Duration: approx. 60 minutes