Look Book warsztaty dla dzieci


Can a book arouse admiration or inspire to artistic creation? A series of workshops intended for children aged 3 – 6 years proves it right. One carefully selected book is the central topic of each meeting. This time children will get to know a book by Isabel Minhos under the title ‘At our house…’. This ingenious book resembles a window through which we observe a family life. By counting fingers, noses and family members’ freckles, we learn not only maths and anatomy but also how to spend time together. Illustrations of Madalena Matoso perfectly harmonise with humorous comments to everyday situations creating a witty image of a family.

Workshops are intended for children aged 3 – 6 years. Participation in the classes is free. Gallery provides the participants with all the materials needed. In order to enrol for the workshops please send an e-mail at: edu@labirynt.com (including child’s full name and age)/ or call: 81 466 59 20 extension 27. Duration: about 60 min.