Projekcja filmów z cyklu M.A.P.A. Mały Atlas Polskiej Animacji. Tym razem zaprezentowane zostaną filmy Witolda Giersza.

M. A. P. A. Mały Atlas Polskiej Animacji (Small Atlas of Polish Animation)

At our regular screenings selected works of Polish animation are presented. This time we will screen a set of films: ‘Witold Giersz – mistrz ożywionej plastyki’. This will be a meeting with authentic Master of the art of animation. Witold Giersz is one of the most important and worldwidely recognised artists in the history of animation. The films of this constantly experimenting artist from the years 1960s and 1970s were the must at every important film festival. On a number of occasions they were awarded with the highest prizes marking new paths on the animated map of technical solutions. Witold Giersz is also the founder of the Warsaw Animated Films Studio (1956), a branch of Animated Films Studio in Bielsko-Biała that after becoming independent was named as the Studio of Film Miniatures in Warsaw. Programme: Tajemnica starego zamku (1956, debut), Neonowa fraszka (1959), Mały western (1960), Oczekiwanie (1962), Czerwone i czarne (1963), Koń (1967), Kaskader (1972), Gwiazda (1984) and a documentary film of Maciej Kur: Witold Giersz. Sztuka animacji (2012).

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