Marcin Janusz – 90% juice, 10% sugar

Galeria Labirynt | Plaza, 13 Lipowa street (the entrance at Ofiar Katynia Street)
Exhibition opening: March 23rd, 2018 (Friday), 6 p.m.
On until April 15th, 2018 (Tue – Sun, 12 a.m. – 7 p.m.)
Free entrance

The exhibition opening will be translated into Polish sign language by Magdalena Gach; a short exhibition tour in Polish sign language is also available after the opening ceremony.

Marcin Janusz is studying painting at the 5th year of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. The exhibition presents his most recent pieces, in which the artists attempts to experiment with the form and the matter of the painting, using substances not strictly associated with the medium such as resin, acetone and crystal glass. The works oscillate around the theme of vitality and its relationship with poisonous substances which, when applied in certain doses, may have therapeutic properties. Seemingly abstract, biomorphic shapes in vivid pastel colours provide a visual metaphor for the physiological and matabolic processes taking place in human body exposed to substances altering the psychophysical structure of the body. On the material level of the painting, these processes are reflected by the medium chosen by the artist involving a usage of chemical compounds which are ‘toxic’ for oil paint, which in turn allows to reach painting effects resembling human secretions such as saliva, bile or sweat.

Marcin Janusz (b. 1991), in 2013 completed the BA programme at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Jagiellonian University’s Medical College, specializing in emergency medical services. He is currently a student of the fifth year at the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts. He has participated in numerous collective exhibitions both in Poland and abroad, among other in the finalist exhibition of the Hestia Artistic Journey competition (Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 2017).  ‘90% Juice, 10% Sugar’ is his third individual exhibition: earlier he exhibited his work at the ‘Surface Icing’ exhibition (Księgarnia I Wystawa gallery, 2016).

Curator: Agnieszka Cieślak

Agnieszka Cieślak: 90% juice, 10% sugar, text accompanying the exhibition