Guided tour of the exhibition ‘The City That Can’t Be Seen’ | translated to sign language

The City That Can’t Be Seen is a sensorial exhibition at Galeria Labirynt which is a summary of an artistic and educational project addressed at the visually impaired. The presentation includes pieces by the workshop participants –  a tactile picture book, photographs, relief drawings and ceramic sculptures. All the works and stories accompanying them, help to adopt a blind person’s perspective in the process of getting to know a city and its history.

Authors of works: Daniel Aftyka, Ada Brankiewicz, Magdalena Dzida, Piotr Kasprzak, Iwona Kwiatkowska, Oliwia Pliszko, Agata Popławska, Klaudia Szaniawska, Aleksandra Wąchała, Maria Wójcik

Guided by: Rafał Lis, Magdalena Szubielska
60 minutes
Free admission