czarno-biała grafika, trzy strzałki w czarnym kole

Michał Kozłowski – On the uniqueness of fascism | lecture and discussion

How to understand fascism?
Was it just an episode a long time ago or maybe it rises every era in a new form?
Or maybe it is just a metaphysical category?
If we recognise the uniqueness of the Holocaust, is this exceptionality due to its perpetrators?

Each of the answers to these questions is risky.

We invite you to a lecture by Michał Kozłowski – a philosopher, sociologist, and journalist associated with the University of Warsaw. The meeting is combined with a discussion about the rebirth of fascism in Europe.

At the same time, we encourage everyone to join in the activities of the Anti-Fascist Year – an independent nationwide grassroots coalition of cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations, social movements, independent collectives, and individual activists and artists who work together to create a large network of anti-fascist and anti-war cultural events and activities (read more about the Anti-Fascist Year – website in Polish language).