PLACE | Studio of Magdalena and Ludomir Franczak

ul. Balladyny 16, Lublin Housing Cooperative (LSM)
Opening: 06/07/19 (Saturday), 4:00 p.m.
The studio within the Lublin Housing Cooperative (LSM) housing estate, built by Zofia and Oskar Hansen, draws from Open Form Theory. It arises from the need to create space for unrestricted creativity, at the same time, to become one of the elements embedded in architecture, functioning equally with flats, preschool, or a second-hand clothes shop. The word ‘studio’ gives the place a certain function, however, it is only a suggestion of what the PLACE can be. The name we use to define the space itself is therefore open.

‘PLACE does not bring any additional meanings, it leaves complete freedom in its interpretation, and makes sense when it appears inside people. PLACE is a sudden blind spot in the utilitarian understanding of the world. PLACE arises from the suspension of all laws in force in the world. (…) Whoever is present inside it, creates it.’ (Mariusz Tchorek, Hanna Ptaszkowska and Wiesław Borowski – Theory of the PLACE)

The construction of the Słowacki housing estate (Osiedle Słowackiego) began in 1964, two years later, at a seminar in Puławy, Mariusz Tchorek delivered the Theory of PLACE. It can be compared to the Open Form Theory but for artistic purposes. It uses similar statements and demands democratisation of the position of artist / architect and viewer / inhabitant. It tries to abolish the hierarchy of relationships, leaving a wide field for action. We want to return to these ideas, at the same time being aware of the fact that we carry out this project nowadays – using the tools that modern times give us.

Place studio is carried out as part of Meet the Neighbors project – a joint initiative of Galeria Labirynt, Quarantine (Manchester, Great Britain), Comedié de Béthune (France), Grand Theater (Groningen, The Netherlands), and 18, derb el ferrane (Marrakech, Morocco). Over the last two years, local organisers in each city have invited artists to work on rapidly changing urban landscapes to meet local communities.

The project is implemented with the support of the European Union as part of Creative Europe program.