Niedzielny poranek filmowy Gucio i Cezar

Sunday morning cinema

28 April 2013, 12 a.m.

At our regular screenings for children we show films that are an alternative for contemporary TV animations. This time children will watch selected episodes from such Polish animations as “Przygody Panny Kreseczki” (“Ms Line’s Adventures”), “Dziwne przygody Koziołka Matołka” (“Strange Adventures of Matołek the Billygoat”), “Gucio i Cezar” (“Gucio and Caesar”), “Mami Fatale”, “Dixie”, “Kaktus i Mały”. In each episode, a complete and an independent story is presented. In the programme one can find, inter alia, Budyniowe Gaje (Pudding Groves) directed by Roman Huszczo in 1981 within the series “Dixie”. It is a film adaptation of a story created by Agnieszka Osiecka with the dialogues written by the poet herself. A fantastic story of twins setting out on a journey in a red, talking car named Dixie. During their extraordinary journey they soon discover Pudding Groves…

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