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“Good Times – Bad Times. Part 1.” – Nigel Rolfe

3 September 2012, 19:00 – 20:00

Nigel Rofle (born in 1950) studied in Farnham School of Art and in Bath Academy of Art in England. He lives in Dublin. Since the ‘70s he has been interested in the performance art. He is connected with the Labirynt Gallery since 1987. In his realizations, Rolfe refers to social and socio-political problems. As he himself says:

“A lot of my realizations emerge from darkness. Atrocious crimes have always human aspect and in a way they still exist in our closest environment. They occur on a small scale, locally. On purpose, I tried to focus on events and places connected with my direct experiences, with what I have seen myself. In a special and strange way these images constitute the presentations of contemporary social realism. They are created on the basis of authentic events and places. Real people and events. Neither fiction nor drama.”

The artist attaches huge importance to visual side of his performances. Poetic, clear and memorable images are the result of this fact.