NOT.FOT. | Promocja czasopisma

NOT.FOT. is a cutting edge serial publication (2017 there were four volumes published, in 2018 – two subsequent ones), which combines a form of a contemporary, richly illustrated magazine with a reliable museum catalogue. Apart from an extensive presentation of Władysław Hasior’s photographic output, the magazine contains texts on its specifics, archive materials as well as presentations of contemporary artists inspired by Hasior.
NOT.FOT. Notatnik fotograficzny Władysława Hasiora Vol. 6 / NOT.FOT. Władysław Hasior’s Photo Notebook Vol. 6
The meeting at Galeria Labirynt is going to focus on the 6th and the most extensive so far edition of the NOT.FOT. magazine, dedicated to the subject which Władysław Hasior felt very close to – the so-called ‘plebeian art’ (sztuka plebejska). What the artists understood by this was the spontaneous crave for beauty, which results in a characteristic kind of amateur, home-made art: garden sculptures, painted fences and decorative gates. A familiar theme, equally keenly documented by Hasior, are ‘painted houses’ – an extraordinary typology of houses decorated with mosaics, landshafts, or colourful, abstract compositions.
Art historians of the Tatra Museum in Zakopane, Władysław Hasior’s art researchers and members of the editorial board of the magazine are going to participate in the meeting. Julita Dembowska and Joanna Trznadel are going to talk about Hasior’s art, the gallery in Zakopane named after him, the NOT.FOT. project, and the Museum’s collection of slides; they are also going to present the ATELIER ARTYSTY. OPOWIEŚĆ HASIORA/ARTIST’S STUDIO. HASIOR’S STORY video/slide show – a result of the editing done to archive recordings with Władysław Hasior from the collection of Radio Kraków, in which the artists is talking about his studio, art and works. The narration is complimented with photos from his Notatnik Fotograficzny.
Participants of the meeting are going to have an opportunity to obtain a copy of the magazine; promotional gadgets with NOT.FOT. are also going to be available.
Co-financed from the funds of Polish History Museum in Warsaw within the ‘Patriotism of Tomorrow’ grant program and the funds of Marshal Office of the Malopolska Region.