New in the Collection

Exhibition on view from 24/12/2019

Admission free

The exhibition presents the following works from the collection of Galeria Labirynt:

⋮ Barbara Gryka, “Motorcycle Dance”, video, 2017; “Architecture from the Inside”, photoseries, 2018-2019
⋮ Alicja Karska and Aleksandra Went, “Lullaby”, video, 2006
⋮ Robert Kuśmirowski, “Liberum Animum”, installation, 2017
⋮ Dorota Podlaska, “Chocolates – tasty and healthy”, object, 2006/2018
⋮ Joanna Rajkowska, “Progress”, video, 2014

The beginnings of collection of Galeria Labirynt date back to the 1960s. Andrzej Mroczek, who in years 1981-2009 managed Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions, gave it the most distinct shape. The collection was born during times of intense questions about the concept of art and its condition. Then, the idea of art was to study one’s own borders and test reality through language and through the use of new media (photography, film, video). Art participated in play in the field of language, concept and interpretation. The works of artists associated with the intellectual trend – conceptual art, performance art, photomedia, film, video, contextual art, land art, visual poetry, geometric abstraction – have become important for progamme of Gallery and its collection.

The value of the collection is to preserve important works of neo-avant-garde heritage. Without them statements of artists of the next decades as well as the current youngest generation of artists would not be possible.


photo: Robert Kuśmirowski, “Liberum Animum”, fragment of installation