OSA – The Open Anti-fascist Studio

The exhibition venue is the interior of a renovated K67 kiosk designed in 1966 by Saša Mächtig, an architect from the former Yugoslavia. The characteristic design and the modern structure became a starting point for the creation of a display space for anti-war statements and actions found in the history of art, culture and social activism, including both historical accounts and the projects of contemporary artists. The futuristic shape of the K67 kiosk inspired us to imagine the future without wars and violence.

The OSA project developed by the RUCH art collective is a touring exhibition and a tangible archive of the grassroots initiative called the Anti-fascist Year, an anti-war and anti-fascist coalition of public institutions, NGOs, social movements, art collectives and individual artists and activists.



The project has received financing from the Foundation for Arts Initiatives.

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