slyder koncert


8.30 pm. start of the film
9.00 pm. start of the party
ticket: 15 PLN (available from March 12th, in Galeria Labirynt bookstore)

We invite you to “Feast of Life” short documentary screening. The film directed in 2015 by Anatoliy Belov and Oksana Kazmina within the framework of “The School of Kyiv” biennale in Kiev tells the story about the night life of Ukrainian youth. After the film screening electronic music concert takes place. It will be performed by musicians from Kyiv, Lviv and Lublin. The party is be the beginning of artistic, music, cinematic, and educational events program, that is being implemented in collaboration with Ukrainian artists and curators.

Party line-up:

Cybele (Anatoly Belov) Kyiv
Pasożyty (Jacek, Sławek) Lublin
A man from Lipova Alley (Tamás Hazslinszky) Lviv
Komitet (Georgy Babansky) Kyiv

Visual support: Ivan Oleksyak


Anatoly Belov – Ukrainian contemporary artist and musician, he is especially interested in topics of queer, sexuality, bodyness and homosexuality. Belov is former member of several art groups such as: R.E.P., Penoplast, Emblika Quail, Kobra-Chupakabra. The artist is currently a member of the Ludska Podoba group and musician nicknamed Cybele.

A man from Lipova Alley – the project of Ukrainian electronic musician, Tamás Hazslinszky. This is the first project of Tamás Hazslinszky with the use of words and text. In his works words and text are often accompanied by sequencer synthesizers and monotone bits.

Georgy Babansky – Ukrainian musician, in 2012, he created an experimental pop group Ludska Podoba together with Anatoly Belov. In 2017, he created “Tabun” short film and “Rules” DIY documentary series – both shown in the Small Gallery of the Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv. In 2017 he released a Japanese music cassette album of “Ludska Podoba”, as well as a solo musical technoproject “KORDON”. Now, he is working on the first studio album of “Ludska Podoba” group.

Parasites – duet from Lublin exploring the areas of: amoeba, electro, dermathopyte, earthworm, hub, insect, tick, lamblia, scabies, minimal, threadworm, flee, bug, fluke, impro, worm, trichomonas, sporowiec, tapeworm, trichina, techno, louse, plasmodium. Great explosive mix of music is expected. Band members are: Jacek – microtribe FX, Sławek – volca bass, pocket operator – rhythm and factory, electro-harmonix 720, digital delay DD7.

Ivan Oleksyak – Ukrainian video-artist.

Film teasers


photo by Natalka Djachenko