Showing the City – a walk with Dominik Szurgot

27/02/2020, 5:00-7:00 p.m., hall of the Main Building of the Catholic University of Lublin

Event translated into Polish sign language (PJM). Translator: Ewelina Lachowska.

We would like to kindly inform that blind or visually impaired people interested in participating in the event and in need of an assistant can contact the “Otwieracz” association at least 2 days before the event via e-mail at or via Facebook fanpage. Link to the website:

We would like to invite you to participate in the walk guided by Dominik Szurgot, a classical philologist, literary scholar and chess player, who has lived in Lublin since his birth. The guide is going to show us his own picture of the city, tell about the most important and interesting places for him as well as about his interests that led him to these places. For Dominik, not only the places are important, but, above all, the people he meets in them. Therefore, the walk is also going to be a story about people.

The planned route starts in the hall of the Main Building of the Catholic University of Lublin (Al. Racławickie 14) and continues through the Ogród Saski to Galeria Labirynt and then to ul. Peowiaków.

Dominik Szurgot – PhD student in literature, graduate of general secondary school no. 1 in Lublin and classical philology and law at the Catholic University of Lublin. As he describes himself: “Curiosity about the world means that I can not be long in one place and do only one thing.” He is interested in art and culture understood in a broader sense, books, travels and chess – since 2000 he has participated in numerous chess competitions for the blind and the sighted. Dominik was a participant of the workshop on photography of blind people “Touch What I See”.

“Showing the City” is a series of original walks around Lublin prepared by the blind people. The project is implemented as a summary of “The School of Looking” visual education project organised by Fort Institute of Photography in Warsaw.

Cooperation: Centre for Adaptation of Educational Materials for Students with a Visual Impairment, KUL CAN Centre for Inclusion of Students with Special Needs.