Polish meat. Meet-the-author session with Jaś Kapela

Event will be translated into polish sign language

Meet-the-author session with Jaś Kapela and his book “Polskie mięso. Jak zostałem weganinem i przestałem się bać” (“Polish meat. How I became a vegan and stopped being afraid”)

Jaś Kapela worked illegally as a poultry catcher in a henhouse and he also worked full-time job in a slaughterhouse in order to see for himself what conditions laying hens live in and how they are processed for meat later. He went to a city in central Poland, where the largest pig slaughterhouse in Central and Eastern Europe is located, to find out with local journalists and activists how animal feed industry affects the everyday life of residents. Finally, he followed activists and went to Białowieża Forest to get to know how important is to engage oneself to fight for a better future and why it is worth to blockade harvesters.

It is possible to purchase a book before a meeting.

Free admission

Organiser: Krytyka Polityczna – a club in Lublin