Grafika. Na białym tle czarny prostokąt i nieregularne kształty. Na środku napis VIZA-VIS 2020

First release of the WIZA-VIS quarterly in Galeria Labirynt

Galeria Labirynt has taken patronage on the special issue of magazine WIZA-VIS #2 QUARANTINE. Enjoy the reading! This unique publication includes only transcripts of conversations carried out during the quarantine time and which may not have happened in other circumstances.

Conversations and special materials are also going to be published on the blog We are going to inform you about it in our Facebook posts.

The WIZA-VIS quarterly is a publishing project created by the artist Pamela Bożek. Its purpose is to create a newspaper, the printed version of which would be available to those staying in centers for foreigners in Poland, and the electronic version to all interested readers. WIZA-VIS is a common space for exchanging experiences related to migration and being in Poland, for passing on support and encouragement, for education and learning Polish culture and socially engaged contemporary art. The quarterly is created by migrants and refugees and their allies – artists, activists, social activists and activists, cultural workers, poets, writers and friends.


The first issue, dealing with the topic of the journey, was published thanks to the Bogna Olszewska scholarship awarded to Pamela Bożek in 2019 by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and the Nieograniczona Foundation. The main aim of the scholarship is to commemorate the prematurely deceased employee of the Museum. Her attitude and commitment to social issues were extremely important for the formation of the museum education programme.

WIZA-VIS #1 JOURNEY is available in electronic version on the website of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw HERE.

WIZA-VIS #2 QUARANTINE is available for download HERE.

The printable version can be downloaded HERE.