2017.07.28 Alexander Ugay, fot. Wojciech Pacewicz (5)

The Polish Minister of Culture’s Gaude Polonia Scholarship Programme / open call

The Polish Minister of Culture’s Gaude Polonia Scholarship Programme is for the young (up to the age of 40, or 45 in exceptional circumstances) culture creators and Polish literature translators from Central and Eastern European countries, primarily from Belarus and Ukraine (but not only). The programme is designed to build a common ground for mutual understanding and to establish a rapport in cultural cooperation between Poland and its immediate neighbours. The six-month scholarship in Poland is open to creators from the following disciplines: film, photography, heritage conservation, literature/translation, music, visual arts, theatre, and the criticism of art, theatre, and film. The stay in Poland is intended to enable scholarship holders to learn about contemporary Polish culture and to improve their creative skills in the care of recognized artists and institutions in the largest and most crucial centres of Polish culture. One of the institutions teaming up with the Gaude Polonia programme is Galeria Labirynt. If somebody wants to spend a GP residency at Galeria Labirynt, curators from the gallery will cooperate in preparation of the application.

Principles of awarding scholarships in the Gaude Polonia Programme

  1. The scholarship is granted in the following areas:

History and criticism of film, music, art, and theatre
Heritage conservation/restoration
Literature /Translation
Visual arts

  1. The scholarship is awarded on the territory of the Republic of Poland dates: February 1st – 31st July 2018.
  2. The scholarship holder receives gross PLN 3,500 (three thousand five hundred Polish zlotys) per month and PLN 5,000 (five thousand Polish zlotys) for the materials and equipment required to execute the scholarship project (reimbursement based on invoices).
  3. NCK (Polish National Centre for Culture) guarantees individual tutor care and accommodation.
  4. The scholarship is granted based on a bilateral agreement between NCK and the Scholarship holder. The scholarship is awarded as a gross amount. According to Article 35 Section 1 of the Act of 26 July 1991 on personal income tax, NCK is a payer and thus is obliged to collect an advance personal income tax payment deducted from the benefits granted by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage under the Gaude Polonia Programme.

The scholarship application consists of:

1) a filled-in paper Application form: a detailed description of the Scholarship Project should explain the main purpose of the scholarship, the programme, the place of implementation, the rationale behind the scholarship’s purpose, and the importance of the scholarship for the applicant, the institution he/she represents, and his/her country of origin;

2) recommendations:

a)  recommendations should be given by people recognized in a particular field;
b)  recommendations have to be written in the year in which one applies for the scholarship;
c)  recommendations have to include: Applicant’s personal details (first and last name), date, recommender’s personal details (first and last name), recommender’s handwritten signature, and the recommendation content;
d)  recommendations should be written on the Recommendation Form (Appendix 2 to these Terms and Conditions);
e)  recommendations submitted in a form different than the Recommendation Form will also be accepted provided they include the data listed in c);
f)  translations of foreign-language recommendations into Polish do not have to be sworn translations;
g) recommendations cannot be photocopies or scans but originals;
h)  recommendations cannot be intended for any other programmes or contests;

3)  portfolio in a paper version or on CD/DVD;

4)  a copy of university diploma supplemented with a sworn translation.

The Application Form cannot be stapled, glued, or spiral-bound.

Website of the programme is: www.nck.pl/gaude-polonia

Deadline for application submission is 15 October 2017 but if you would like to consult your project with us, write to us ASAP

Write to us: air@labirynt.com


Alexander Ugay, More than an image, less than an object, exhibition in Galeria Labirynt (2017); photo by: Wojciech Pacewicz