Sztuka i filozofia_Theodor_Adorno

Rafał Czekaj – Theodor W. Adorno and Aesthetics as a Critical Theory

What may be the functions of art in the conditions of omnipresent power of culture industry? Is it irrevocably doomed to be only entertainment and fun? Can it escape from a ‘vicious circle’ of reproducing content and meanings supporting existing ideologies? As a response to these questions aesthetic doctrine of Theodor W. Adorn was born.

Theodor W. Adorno – a sociologist and philosopher, literary critic and musicologist, member of the Frankfurt School and a representative of critical theory. Co-author of the idea of culture industry, the dialectic of the Enlightenment, instrumental mind.

What impact have philosophical trends and their representatives on art? In what ways issues related to creativity and artistic activity are took up by theoreticians of social and humanistic thought? The answers to these questions will be revealed within the series of lectures ‘Art and philosophy’.

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