“Rebellion in the city” – films’ screening | Transeuropa

Film screening presenting situation in Africa and Arabic countries after The Arab Spring: lives of those, who fought and keep on fighting for new order and those, who stand aside of politic life. Screening documentaries reveal the social situation of Arabic countries involved into conflict, but also show dreams of modernization other parts of this continent. “Rebellion in the city” is organised in connection with the Transeuropa Festival.

I. Tripoli Stories:
Graffiti 3’42”
The Secret Room 4’08”
Granny’s Flags 4’12”

II. Rabat Stories:
El Mikhali 5’09”
Bitter Return 4’09”
Men Choufouch 3’04”
Hand and Four Fingers 4’39”

III. Benghazi Stories:
The Salesman 4’22”
Poet of the Sea 3’58”
The Driving Lesson 3’37”

IV. African Urban Dreams 50′

V.  The noise of Cairo 25′

–> admission free <-- Detailed programme available here: